No Regrets: A Quick Guide To Naming Your Pets

Taking care of your pet dog is one responsibility you should always prioritize. It’s not just about giving them food and shelter but also creating a special bond with them. That includes giving them cute and unique names. Giving a name for your dogs is vital as it will serve as their identity. It is also the first thing they need to learn. However, you don’t want to give them names that are too common. There are certain ways on how to name them, which we will teach you in this quick guide with tips, so read on.

Dog’s Physical Appearance

Name your dog according to its physical appearance. It would be best if you give a name that suits them. For example, your dog is color black, don’t give them names in contrast to their color. Think of names that you can relate to on how they look.

Dog’s Personality

The personality of a dog might be a great help in naming them. It is the most common trick in thinking of names for a dog. If you know your dog well, you can notice their personality. For example, if your dog is sweet to you, you can give a name like Lolly, a short term for a lollipop candy.

Avoid Common Names

Thinking names for dogs is very confusing. There are millions of dogs in the world, and it feels like you run out of names. Ensure that you don’t give them a common name in the neighborhood; it will confuse them as everyone is calling for other dogs but with the same name as theirs.

Names that End with a Vowel Letter

Studies in the best dog training books show that dogs can distinguish a high level of frequency than ordinary people do. Names that end with a vowel letter caught their attention quickly.

Two-Syllable Names

As much as possible, avoid long a name for your dog. The reason behind this is you will cut their name and think of another nickname for them.

Avoid Foul Names

It is not good when people add disrespectful words to someone’s name; it goes the same with your dogs. Don’t give them names like Ugly and Poophead as it will make embarrass the people that will hear it. You have your dog to take care of, not to insult them.

Giving your dogs an awesome name will make them feel more special. It would be best if you offer some effort by planning on how you will name them. Through their given identity, they will know that you are talking to them by simply calling their names.

Generating the best password for your online accounts


As artificial intelligence begins to take over our world of technology, it becomes increasingly important to protect your online identity and accounts. There are instances now where logging into your social media, or your online banking account can be as simple as using your fingerprint. However, some instances and some online applications require digital passwords using numbers and letters to access your online accounts. 

The online footprint that we leave behind can be a pathway for hackers to get into our accounts uninvited. Therefore, the passwords we choose should be complex, even, for example, for the people who knows us best.

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It is highly suggested to use passwords containing numbers, letters, and symbols. However, it makes sense if these types of passwords aren’t used as much, as they are more difficult to remember. When it comes to online banking, student loan applications, and things of that nature, you want to keep those online accounts as secure as possible by logging in and creating a complex password – most times, the complexity is because you chose to use numbers, letters, and symbols. 

One rule is to never use a combination of numbers that someone can easily figure out. For example, your birthday or your mom’s birthday may not make for the smartest passwords. They are easily assumed by a hacker who had the ability to dig up enough on you to use your birthday as a password to you savings account. 

Also, try to avoid using the exact same password for different accounts. Here’s why: If your password for your banking account is the same as your password for your online account at your doctor, you’ve jeopardized two very important things with just one password. Try to use different passwords for separate online accounts. This could be difficult to remember, so some smart devices have created a way to safely store all your passwords to online accounts on the device itself.

Hackers tend to know exactly what you don’t tell them. Don’t have an irresponsible online blueprint where someone can easily access information that can jeopardize your personal well-being. It’s best to be responsible with your online profile and create passwords that are difficult to hack and that will keep your online accounts safe. 

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and its Importance


The acronym ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. The 10 or 13 digits help identify a specific book, an edition of a book, or a similar product (online books, audio books, etc.) The ISBN number made its popularity in 1970 and since each published book has its own ISBN number. 

Many people barely recognize the number’s existence, and furthermore neglects its purpose. An ISBN number is crucial for that for the identification of any book. The number is usually on the copyright page which is in the front of the book near the title page. 

Authors and publishers who are looking to get an ISBN for their work, must take the necessary step to apply for it. If there is another edition that an author wishes to release, he or she must apply for more than one ISBN, for each edition of that book. There are deals available for customers seeking multiple ISBNs. A single ISBN is currently priced at $125.00. However, there is a distinct difference between 10-digit ISBNs. A single ISBN will cost $125.00, but 10-digit ISBNs cost $250.00. To purchase ISBNs in bulk, 100 will cost $575.00 and 1000 ISBNs will cost $1,000.00. So, the price per ISBN decreases from $125.00 to $25 to $5.75 all the way to $1.00. 

To generate a sample ISBN on our website, visit the following link: On our website, you can create a 10 or 13- digit sample ISBN number. 

Generating a QR code to market your business


The QR code hit the scene in the early 90s, first designed in Japan for the automotive industry. It later became more than just the two-dimensional barcode – it became a marketing gimmick. We began to see them on bus stops as part of a movie ad. They were on our food menus at the restaurant. We began to see them more at our own jobs, in passing at a museum. QR codes became the norm in advertising. And if you had a smart phone or a downloaded QR code scanner, you could access information, immediately.

A QR code is basically a type of two-dimensional bar code that is made up of a matrix of dots. To activate a QR code, you’d have to use a scanner or smart device with a built-in camera. The code must be correctly scanned for proper results. 

Here’s how it works: The QR code can only be activated by a compatible reader. Most smart phone users download these from apps on their phones. Once downloaded, a smart device is needed to physically zoom in on the QR code. In just seconds, the reading of the QR code will activate a url to your smart device containing details about promised information. It’s easy, and it’s quick. Businesses realized that this was one of the easiest ways to market products, events, initiatives, and campaigns to consumers. And it worked like a charm.

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Hidden Fees: Toll Free Calls on A Mobile Phone


Many people are oblivious to the fact that toll free calls to their mobile phones, can cost them. A toll-free number is a telephone number with a distinct set of three-digit codes to be dialed from landlines with no charge to the dialer making the call. Toll free numbers are usually used by businesses and sometimes individuals who reside out of the area to avoid long distance charges. Toll-free numbers usually begin with 800-, 877, 888, 844, or 855. These numbers are not interchangeable. 

Do you ever receive annoying customer-service calls to your mobile phone? Those are usually toll-free calls, too. Toll-free calls usually provide possible consumers with a free and convenient way to communicated with businesses. However, what many don’t realize is that when you receive those calls on your mobile device, they will be charged to you. Not the person making the call.

Here’s how it works: A toll-free customer service number calls your mobile device. The customer service representative is looking to offer you a roofing service. As you listen in, and then take a few notes about the service, you hang up and realize you’ve been on the phone for nearly four minutes. Those four minutes will be charged to your bill. You will be charged for the airtime minutes used during the call. The only thing that could avoid these charges is having an unlimited calling plan for your mobile device. If not, prepare to pay for that four minutes. 

Sending text messages to toll-free numbers may also come with a cost. In order to send messages, however, the phone must be enabled to receive messages. In most cases, customer service numbers ask that you opt in to receiving text messages. 

What You need to Know about A Promo Code


Shoppers tend to get so excited about promo codes! This is because a promo code can help save money and setup a good deal for future shopping prices, too. As much as we hear the term while shopping online and in stores, it’s not quite understood exactly what a promo code is and how it works during a shopping experience at time of purchase. 

Promotional codes (better known as promo codes) refers to codes that consists of both numbers and letters that online stores offer to market purchases on their website. This is typically associated with a bigger sale and internal marketing strategy of that store. The discount that is a part of the promo code can apply to products or even a whole order of products. This depends on the actual sale and participating stores that are marketing the sale to its consumers. 

If you own a store or just do some occasional selling our promo code generator can help create some fancy promo codes to share with your customer. Be sure to add that code to your system so that your customers get to actually see the discount.

So, here’s how a promo code actually works: the discount can be a percentage or a dollar amount. The promo code is responsible for providing the consumer with the actual discount to work online. People usually use promo codes for cheaper shipping and/or wrapping. Promo codes are a great marketing strategy because they help consumers save and shop with your brand even more. 

The promo code is sometimes also referred to as the coupon code or discount code. They are very popular around certain holidays and to promote certain company/store/brand initiatives. When a store decides to offer a promo code, the store is providing their consumers with an incentive to shop their brand. There are three types of promo codes that stores, and companies can choose from. The first are public codes that anyone can see or use in the public. These types of codes are useful for attracting new customers and encouraging others to come back to do more shopping. Private codes, another type of promo code, is used to loyal customers for special shopping savings. A restricted code is targeted to one single shopper and can only be used once. 

Lottery tactics to beat the odds


Knock, knock, Who is there? The god of wealth!

If you play the lottery, there are a few tactics that may help you win. Even if you don’t play, try the following practices to maximize your win:

  1. Join a lottery pool: Join a group of people who wants to win as desperately as you do! A lottery pool is a group of people who all play lottery together to better the chances of winning. It is understood that if there is a win within a lottery pool, the people in the pool splits the winnings. So, while you strengthen your chances to win, you also have to share your winnings, in this case!
  2. Play the right games: Some lottery games have a better chance at winning. It’s important to determine which games to play and have a clear understanding of your chances and how to best beat the odds. There are several different games to play to win. Try your luck!
  3. Double check your numbers: Could you be a winner who doesn’t even know you won?! Check those numbers on your lottery ticket! Sometimes you could easily look over a winning ticket by being anxious and excited. Review your ticket again and check those numbers…just in case!
  4. Try Second chance games: Even the lottery believes in giving people second chances! Sometimes when you lose in lottery, you can try again for another win! Check the details of your game to determine if it is a second chance game. 
  5. Choose rarer numbers: Everyone has their “lucky” number or “lucky” set of numbers. That’s fine, but how rare are your numbers? Make an attempt to choose numbers that are rare and ordered in rare patterns. This is a difficult strategy, but most people who consistently play the lottery understand that a winning has lots to do with the strategy behind the numbers.
  6. Our lottery number generator can help you pick a random number.